About Crizltron




Crizltron (Aka- Crystal Wilson) is a concept and animation artist, based in Chicago, Illinois.  I have a background in video game concept art, toy design, and character design.  I've worked with video game properties from Warner Bros and Disney.  Also toy design for Disney.

I have a BFA in Media Arts and Animation from the Illinois Institute of Art.  I've also been selling at comic and anime conventions for over 15 years.  

Portfolio site can be seen: https://www.crizltron.org/


What I do!

My work is heavily influenced by comic books, Japanese animation, and street graffiti art.  I'm originally from Brooklyn, New York, later living in Chicago.  Big bold lines and wild color are a primary element in most of my work.

Originally, my artwork for selling at conventions was mostly focused on being 'cheap and fun'.  Not a ton of detail, so that the art could still be easily viewed on small buttons, stickers, etc.  Currently, I am hoping to go back to my roots with more detailed artwork, and subjects that express more who I am and what I personally enjoy.

When I'm not working on artwork, I'm checking out the best coffee shops, thrifting for treasures, and planning my booths for various comic and anime conventions all over the United States.  I'm a big fan of mecha of all sorts, zombie/survival/disaster movies, industrial music, and any sort of hipster style eats I can find! 


Work with Me!

I can be contacted for commission work!  Just shoot me an email or contact on most social media platforms.